How to Hide or Delete Contracts in Gridlex Zip?

Published | Aug. 24, 2023, 11:36 a.m.

For those who want to manage their contracts more efficiently in Gridlex Zip, this guide provides a clear set of steps to either hide or delete them as needed.

Step 1: Log in to your Gridlex App Suite account and click on the "Contracts" option under the Zip tab.

Step 2: Once you are on the contracts page, locate the three dots icon on each column. Clicking on this will reveal a dropdown.

Note: The "Action" column is enabled by default. To locate the Hide and Delete options, you’ll need to scroll towards the extreme right of the page. 

For more in-depth guidance, read this guide on how to utilize the listing page to view data.

Step 3: In the dropdown, search for the “Action” option. Click “Apply” to add the Action column to your view.

Step 4: Look towards the extreme right side of your screen. You'll find a newly added column labeled “Action”. In this column, you’ll see two options: “Hide” and “Delete”.

Click on the desired action for the specific contract you wish to manage:

  • Hide: This will remove the contract from the default view but won't delete it.
    To view contracts that you've hidden, look for the "saved views" option at the top of the page. From the dropdown menu, select "hidden contracts" to see all contracts that have been set to hidden.

  • Delete: This will permanently remove the contract. Please be sure before deleting.
    It's vital to act with caution when choosing to delete contracts. Once a contract has been deleted, it cannot be restored or retrieved.

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