How to Add Event Contacts in Gridlex Zip?

Published | Oct. 12, 2023, 12:04 p.m.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on updating Event Contacts in Gridlex Zip.

Whether you're organizing meetings, webinars, or other gatherings, Gridlex Zip is designed to make your event management smoother and more systematic. Keeping track of contacts at events is a crucial part of it.

This tutorial will walk you through updating Event contacts in Gridlex Zip.

Step 1: Log in to the Gridlex App Suite and click ‘Events’ under the Zip section.

Step 2: Click on the Event in which you want to update contacts. 

Step 3: Click “Event Contacts.”

How to Update Event Contacts from the Event Contacts Listing Page?

On the Event Contacts listing page, you can update a contact’s Invitee and Attendee status.

Step 4: Change the Invitee and Attendee status per your requirement and click “Save.”

How to Edit an Event Contact Manually?

Step 5: To edit a contact’s information, click on the corresponding “Contact ID.”

Step 6: Make the desired changes on the contact information page and click “Save.”


How to Update Event Contacts Manually?

While updating Event contacts, you also have the option to add new contacts to the Event as well. See the following steps:

Step 7: Click “Add Event Contacts Manually.”

Step 8: Enter the contact information in the fields. Click ‘Save’ once done.

You’ll see that the contact has been added to the Event.

Step 6: Once you are done adding the contacts. Click “Save.”

How to Update Event Contacts Through File Upload?

You can add new contacts to the Event while updating Event contacts through file upload as well. See the following steps:

Step 7: Click “Upload Event Contacts.”

Step 8: On this page, you can upload a CSV, XLX, or XLXS file. Once you have selected a file from your system, click the "Upload" button to initiate the import process. Before proceeding, you can download the sample file to understand the format supported by the system.

Step 9: Once you have downloaded the sample file, review its format to ensure your data aligns with the system's requirements. If the data file doesn’t align with the system’s requirement, For example, here you can view the data:

After a successful upload, you will receive a notification confirming the completion to your registered email address. If you’re on the same page, hit refresh, and you’ll see the status of your upload. See below.

You can download the logs and review the information if there are any failed contact uploads. Click the download button under the “Download Logs” column to save the logs to your system.

You can go to the “Manage Event Contacts” page to see the Event Contacts you have updated or added.

Congratulations! You have now learned how to update Event contacts in Gridlex Zip.

If you need any help with any feature, data migration of your old data, or anything at all, just email and our team will be here to help you. Remember, that one of Gridlex’s core values is Customer Success. We want you to be successful.